Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite

Command Language Program Policy for Rosetta Stone Users

1.      This service is contracted primarily to facilitate an additional resource for personnel in language coded billets to develop, improve, and retain the required language skill level IAW their position description as provided by J1 in conjunction with the Defense Language Program.

2.      The order of priority in granting the available licenses is as follows:

a.      Personnel assigned to Language billets without desired language skills

b.      Personnel assigned to Language billets below the desired language proficiency

c.      Personnel assigned to Language billets requiring practice to maintain their language skill

d.      Personnel seeking a language billet assigned to USSC with at least 2 years remaining on assignment

e.      Other military or civilian personnel seeking language skills assigned to the command or components

3.      All licenses are granted under the assumption that language learners will maintain minimum usage standards, as recommended by Rosetta Stone and other language experts, to make significant progress in developing their skills. This minimum use of the license assigned consists of at least one hour weekly and one online session with live instructor every two weeks. We recommend you schedule the time to ensure you meet minimum participation requirements. You must activate your account within one week of enrollment.

4.      Licenses are reviewed for usage monthly, participants who do not meet minimum participation will be suspended the 1st month. Two months outside requirements will lead to permanent deactivation.

5.      For questions on this policy please contact your LREC officer at ext. 3755 or

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Did you know that Rosetta Stone has an Apple and Android tablet/smartphone app?

Rosetta Course is a free download from the App Store/Google Play Store that syncs your progress with the online program.

The online portal the article references is “southcom-totale”. 

You can also view a video tutorial by clicking THIS LINK.

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